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Results pictures

We are body sculpters and do not claim to be photographers and apologize for our amateurish attempts at photography in our efforts to display the amazing results of our clients.  Also please be patient as it can take a moment for all the pictures to load. :)


4 treatments
1 Treatment
Absolutely love to see this type of improvement in so short a time - 8 days she lost a lot of fat, pulled up her belly overhang and is so very happy with her results.  4 1/2" lost

Side view below shows her amazing 8 3/4" overall loss in 3 weeks (6 treatments).  Now she is motivated and determined to off more through diet and exercise and then come back in for another round in a few months. 
Total loss for her in 3 treatments is 5 1/2"  - And 3" of it were from her lower abdomen area where we all want to lose it the most.  Fantastic beginning  and great motivation!!!  Plus her skin will continue to tighten over the next couple weeks and improve even more.
Picture on left is in January of this year and picture on right is the end of June.  Almost 6 months in between, but only 4 treatments, 2 combo and 2 RF.  Through good exercise and eating habits that client had in place prior to getting treatments fat has been kept off.  Treatments help you do half the work of losing fat, but then it is up to you to do the rest to keep it off.  This is an example of that.


1st Treatment Lost 1 3/4"  nice visible improvement (All 4 sets of results photos displayed below of this client show the before any treatments pic on the left)


2nd Treatment Lost 3/4" immediately after treatment, but had lost an additional 1/4" in between treatments.  Overall loss in just 6 days was 2 3/4"

3rd Treatment Lost 1 1/4" immediately after treatment, but had gone down 4 pants sizes since she started from a size 12 to a size 8.  Overall loss in 12 days 4 1/4"

4th Treatment (Only did Radio Frequency - Skin tightening) 1 1/2" lost, but had lost an additional 1/4" in between treatments.  Overall loss in a little over 2 weeks is 6".  Absolutely Amazing!!!
1st Treatment 1 & 1/2" lost.  Lots of tightening of the skin, uplift of the belly button and definition along oblique muscles starting to show through.


2nd Treatment (one week later) 3/4" lost.  Lost 1/2" in between treatments, overall loss of 2 & 1/2".  More tightening of the skin, especially visible on the side view, more definition along oblique muscles, and belly overhand is reduced.   

Results acheived in only 4 treatments.  First treatment was a combined Radio Frequency and Ultrasound Fat Cavitation treatment and then the last three treatments only Radio Frequency was used.  Time frame for these results was less than two weeks, first received May 10th, and the fourth received May 23, to date 3 3/4".  And look at the tightening of that skin.  Amazing!!!
3" lost in only 3 treatments. Notice the contours beginning to show along the abdominal muscles.  Huge visible difference. 


Results show loss between one treatment, a total of 3" lost.  Participant works out regularly and did not change anything in his routine.  He did increase his water intake which helped with lymphatic drainage. 

Wow!  These results were achieved in a single treatment. In less than an hour she lost 2 1/4".  Better than a tummy tuck - no incisions, no down time, no lost wages, and way, way, way less expensive.  And it works as you can see!

In only three treatments, two short weeks, a total loss of 7 1/2" was acheived.  She worked out moderately a couple times each week, increased her water intake and watched her fatty food intake. 

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