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"You don't always need a plan.
Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust,
let go, and see what happens."
~Mandy Hale


What We Do For You
Are you happy with the way you look? Is there anything you want to improve?  To change? 

We all want to make changes. Re-sculpting your body isn’t just about the way you look in your clothes.  It's about how you feel, your confidence when you enter a room, and how you seize the moment.

Sleek Physique's breakthrough FDA approved technology is ready to go to work for you.  Our treatments will help you make a change and feel good about yourself. We can help give you a boost in your confidence, encourage you to stick with your goals, whether body oriented or not.  

Helping you feel better about yourself is our ultimate goal. When you are confident, you can accomplish anything.

Renew.  Revive.  Reshape.

Sleek Physique is a family run business with two convenient locations, one in Helena, Montana and the other in Blackfoot, Idaho.  We provide similar services, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation, Radio Frequency and some exercise options.  Plus each location offers a variety of different services as each location is owned and operated separately. 

Make sure to check out the link for the location closest to you.

Video below illustrates the benefits and science of both Fat Cavitation and Radio Frequncy treatments.
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